Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not in the mood

I'm really not in the mood to blog--ever. I used to be so good about writing, back when my life was interesting. Now when I go to work (which is the only place I have the internet), I just surf. A bleeding waste of time. I'm even betting that this post will remain unfinished, saved as a draft until I eventually delete it because I just completely lost interest. It's happened many a time before.

But I feel disappointed. I must write something on my blog to get people to visit. Otherwise, they won't get to see and enjoy my beautiful new layout that I spent so much time and energy on. I'm quite proud of it.

Water. They tell you to drink plenty of water in order to be healthy, but they don't tell you that you'll spend more time in the bathroom eliminating all of the liquids you don't need that you will spend actually living your life. If you get all of the water that your body needs, you will need a catheter in order to still lead a productive life.

I don't really like wearing bracelets, anklets, necklaces, bandannas, etc. The less crap I have hanging on my appendages, the better. However, my littlest sister, Robin, made me a simple little bracelet from hemp, and I love it. It's a precious part of my daily ensemble. And everyday, I wear Pitsol's puppy collar around my ankle. I will always make exceptions for lovely people and precious dogs.

Dreamweaver. I took a class in Adobe Dreamweaver so that I could build websites from scratch. I hate having to depend on these ruddy "website builders" that allow you to do only basic functions, never giving you the opportunity to make your website unique. Well, one of my supervisors at work heared that I knew a bit about Dreamweaver and solicited my help on rebuilding one of our operator resource pages. I knew everything. I was so pleased. I know this means nothing to most, but it made me happy--just like being a kindergardener, taking the milk money to the cafeteria and bringing all the milk back myself.

Music is hard, especially when you are trying to maintain a second instrument. I play the harp beautifully--not perfectly, but beautifully. I have progressed at an accellerated pace, and now I have a solid footing. I used to play the cello before I played the harp, and now (after three years) I've been practicing the cello regularly. Taking up a second instrument requires a hefty step-stool. Otherwise, there's no way to get off your high horse. By being very accomplished in one instrument, you are under the illusion that it will be very easy to pick up a second. Not so. You do have a handle on the rudiments of music, yes. But you still must teach your muscles to work in another way. It's a bit humbling, so it must be good for me.

I have this little disease. It think that the techical term is avarus sapius, but in laymans terms, it's called greed. You see, it doesn't really matter how much I have, I always seem to want more. My family has this example: we would always say "If we only had a bigger house, there wouldn't be such a mess everywhere. We'd have a place for everything." At the time, we were living eight people to a 1,2oo sq. ft. house. But the Roundys (a family in our church) had a huge house, and it was always a mess. It just goes to show you, more doesn't mean better. You'll still have the same ruddy problems as when you had less. The solution? Buddhism teaches that one must modify their wanting. My intent is to apply that that principle by finding fulfillment in doing, not having. And so far, I'm losing. Any ideas?

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k. double-u. said...

I like the layout a lot—and I think you should keep writing so I will have occasion to come back and see it often.