Wednesday, April 23, 2008

London Itinerary: Wednesday, 14 May 2008

9:00a I think I've planned to hurry somewhere every morning so far: "Gotta get there by the time it opens" or "Have to be the first few through the gate to beat the crowds." Well, this morning I plan to not have anything especially pressing to go to. What do Londoners look like in the morning rush? What would I do with myself on a relaxing morning in Londontown? I'll find out today. I walk slowly, eat my breakfast slowly. I'll open the door for someone. I'll look in the windows (of businesses, not houses). I'll kidnap myself a little unattended human baby. All things that can make life pleasurable. (Just kidding about the kidnapping).

11:00a I'll have lunch over at the cafe at Sotheby's auction house on New Bond Street. I could never ever get addicted to the trill of gambling; it's just not a thrill for me. I'd be so sick about the prospect of losing that I wouldn't enjoy myself. Auctions are it for me, though. I have, in the past, gotten addicted to those. That's the perfect thrill of winning. Sotheby's has nothing that I could bid on and win, but I'd love to step in to the showroom after I've eaten and see everything on display--taste the flavor of a real auction house. I'll wish that I had a numbered paddle I could wave in the air like everyone else, though.

1:00p Stroll right on over to Covent Garden. This district has Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop (a kind of antique toy shop that sells authentic old toys and reproductions of the good and wholesome variety--in other words nothing that needs batteries), The Tea House (stocking all kinds of imported and domestic teas as well as novel tea related paraphernalia), and is right next to Chinatown. We'll take a moment to browse each of them.

3:00p I wish I still new where Megan Hinmon was. I had her two years ago for History of Theatre to 1600 during Spring term and History of Theatre from 1600 during Summer term. I learned so much in that class mostly because she was just a grad student so very fascinated by her subject. Anyway, she'd be proud that I'm going to the Theatre Museum. As much as I picked up in that class and that major, how could I not?

7:30p Okay, I will admit that making a musical out of The Lord of the Rings sounds so stupid. Whose move was that? But you have to click on the link above and check out the spectacle. It looks like something right out of Cirque du Soleil. So, where we may be lacking in mechanics, they make up for it in visuals. That's mostly what I like to see anyway. Why go to London if I'm not going to catch a production that no one anywhere else can afford to fork over the financial backing needed for special effects?

On top of that, this production is being played at Dury Lane. This theatre is the oldest operating theatre in the UK. I wanted to stop by and look at the theatre anyway; now we can kill two birds with one stone.

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