Wednesday, April 23, 2008

London Itinerary: Monday, 12 May 2007

9:30a I need to be at the doors when Westminster Abbey opens. Otherwise I'll hate myself later when I have to battle all the crowds that don't really care about seeing anything but what was mentioned in The DaVinci Code.

I have to admit--I really don't know what one is supposed to do at Westminster Abbey. I know that this is one of the places to see, so I've put it on my itinerary. I'll catch one of the tours to get the high points of the Abbey and the museum, and perhaps then I'll be able to recognize more of the significance of the place (other than just the general fact that it seems to be the religious structure that hosts every state ceremony--coronations, funerals, etc.--for the last so many centuries). But for absolutely certain, I want to stand at the foot of Elizabeth I grave in the crypt and melt like butter in my shoes. I love to read about that woman. She grew up without a mother. Her life was threatened many times by those closest to her (half-sister, cousin, lover, etc.). She was so socially obnoxious at times. She was just a normal person, in all respects nothing remarkable. But she became on of the greatest leaders in history because she said it was "her duty." Lovely and fascinating.

1:00p The next tour over at St. Paul's starts at half-past, so I need to make sure I'm there in time to buy my ticket and be in line. Another tour, we ask? I just don't know what one does here either--even less than what I know to do over at Westminster Abbey. I still want to see everything, though. I love visual stimulation, and this cathedral is probably an eyeful. But I also need someone to take me around the place and say, "Okay, this is what you came here to see, whether you knew it or not."

3:30p The tour is over, and I have a little bit of leeway until my evening show. It's a particular point of my trip to feel the city, so I have a few hours to do whatever. It's in those moments where I'm still that I can really drink in an experience. So, slow down, dude. Let's take a moment to let everything sink in.

7:30p I'm one lucky SOB to have gotten a ticket to the opening night of Tosca at the Royal Opera House. I don't know much about this particular opera, but I know I really like the works of Puccini. And I know that this opera is one of my older brother's favorites. Knowing his taste, I had to grab a ticket to one of the performances. If you see him, tell me if he still looks green (with jealousy).


cellus said...

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Clay Britton said...

Right now, you are getting ready to go to The Royal Opera House, how exciting. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!