Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today, You Get an "F"

Failed, failed, failed. I'm so sick of that word. It's the only word you have in your head when not a damn thing goes right. You try to get up early, and your body decides otherwise. Fail. You decide you need to go to class, but your health decides you don't. Fail. Today is your day to bring treats to the Senior Operator meeting, but your sister has to do it for you - on her birthday! Big, fat Fail! Then one of your old friends drops by the office to pick up a copy of the Quran you've had of his for the past year and a half. Yep, he came from Sandy, and you didn't bring it in today, so he left empty handed. Big, big, fat Fail. I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today... but wait I didn't. That was the whole problem.

While we're speaking of failing, should we even mention the fact that this is my first post in over four months?

My only consolation? This little boy loves me like no one else. This is Evan, my little sister's dog. We live in an upstairs/downstairs duplex now, and this little dog loves to come down and sleep on my lap. He likes to run down the stairs and dance excitedly when he sees my face. He loves me even after I accidentally dropped him when going to get the mail yesterday. Yes, I dropped him. I was the bad dog. I missed my work meeting today and all of my classes, but still, I was the most important person in the world today to someone - this precious little dog.

I always hope that Christ's mercy is like a dog's disposition. If He's as forgiving as dogs are, we are all in good hands.


k. double-u. said...

I hope the same thing, too.

And PLEASE don't worry about the Quran. We had other errands to run in Provo while we were down there. I just wish we'd known you were having a rough day so we could have helped! Anything we can do?

Brad said...

Sounds like my day today. I made the wrong star of the week be star of the week. Then when her mom didnt show up I realized because she was star of the week next week. I also had someone poo on the floor. I also was supposed to read them a book and didn't. Fail. Failure.

Brad said...

ps, this is brit not brad

The Lucky One said...

hi. this has nothing to do with this post. i just wanted to say that you've crossed my mind and i miss you. :) hope you are well.