Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finished Tattoo

So, I forget about my blog these days. I have rhythms, I find, of being so thoroughly excited about my own life that I can just blog away. And there are other times when I feel like being semiprivate or blogging just becomes an irritating chore.

It didn't help my blog that we had the Internet taken away from us at work. Our performance was just too sad to merit priviledge. So, I didn't write or check blogs that often. Crystal dear, yours is always the exception; your readership is partly due to those amazingly cute little twits you're raising.

Now, I can read all of your blogs on my phone. God bless the 21st century!

My mom got to come for a visit this past week - the positive end of a trade-off from losing my Grandpa. The dear man - he passed away at 87 from renal failure. It wasn't totally unexpected, and it wasn't completely sudden. It was simply his time to move on. He provided his family the wonderful opportunity to gather together and share company without hard feelings.

And on Friday, I got my birthday gift. I don't turn 27 until later in the month, but my tattoo artist had an opening, and I had to take it. After a year of waiting, my family paid to have my tattoo finished. The guy did such an amazing job. See for yourself:

It's the absolute spitting image of my little boy. Marvelous!

--Blogged on the run using my mobile.


Crystal said...

It really is amazing what artist can do these days. Also, I'm sorry about your loss - but glad to see your family together.

annie said...

it's perfect. but we miss you. you need to come over some time....if only to see maren's pigtails!

Natalie Jane said...

Oh aaron its gorgeous. :) you're gorgeous.

C-|-W said...

It looks incredible.

k. double-u. said...

Wowie. The detail is absolutely amazing.

I'm glad you keep blogging, even though the internet's been taken away.